Weymouth Food Pantry


Get Help

When affording groceries becomes tough, the Weymouth Food Pantry is here to help. This organization has been around for 30 years for all of us in hard times, including many of the volunteers and staff. 

The resources available to you include free groceries, half-off pricing at the local farmers market, resources to learn to grow food at home, home delivery for people with particular disabilities, Thanksgiving and Christmas meal assistance, referrals to further resources, neighborhood-specific programming, unexpected boosts to make life a little easier, and so much more. 

Holiday Meals

We also have a Holiday Meal Program for families who need a little extra help over the holidays, find out more here.

Pop-Up Pantry Sites

Come as often as you need, but no more than once per calendar week (Monday through Sunday) to pick up free groceries. Bring with you: a photo ID,  proof of Weymouth residence (if your ID doesn't already indicate you live in Weymouth), and a few reusable grocery bags. Everyone struggling to afford groceries qualifies.

What to Expect at a Pop-Up Pantry

When you first come in, you'll be given a number and offered a snack and some coffee as you await your turn. A volunteer will need to sit down with you on your first visit to take down some basic information about you and what brought you to the Food Pantry.*

A volunteer will call a group of people at a time (numbers 1 through 10, for example) to come forward to shop. At that time, you'll be able to shop for your own food. If you'd like some eggs, for example, you would approach a table with a volunteer who has eggs. That volunteer might ask you how many people are in your family and hand you more or less based on that number. Volunteers are also there to help if you're looking for something specific or would like to know how to cook some of the fresh food items available.

Once you've chosen your groceries, a couple of volunteers will weigh your bags** and can help you out to your car or to a pre-paid cab if you need a lift home. You can trust that all volunteers will hold the fact that you came to the Food Pantry in confidence as this is a strict requirement of their volunteer service. 

* The data collection is for fundraising purposes to help us buy the food you'll pick up as much of it is not donated. What you tell us will only be reported to our funders in general terms. A couple of examples include the percentage of people who pick up food that are seniors or what percentage come due to a divorce/separation. That you, specifically, use the Food Pantry is completely confidential– both in the reported data and among pantry volunteers. 

** We weigh the food because most of our donors want to know how much food the Food Pantry is distributing. This data is reported in one large number and not linked with your name since– your use of the Food Pantry is entirely confidential. 

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. –Karen Salmansohn

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