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New Location for Weymouth Food Pantry

The Weymouth Food Pantry changed to the Pop-Up Pantry model in 2015. The driving force behind this decision was to improve access and create adaptable programming for people who need a little help making ends meet. Three years on, the Weymouth Food Pantry remains a cornerstone for residents in the Town of Weymouth requiring food assistance, and is now set to serve from a new location at The First Church in Weymouth.

This new location will help the pantry cover even more ground. “Our primary focus is always to make sure that people who need help, can get it,” says Pam Denholm, Executive Director for Weymouth Food Pantry, “and The First Church in Weymouth is not only on the bus line, but stretches our reach in a northerly direction, and gives us roots in new Weymouth neighborhoods.”

Denholm met Rev. Tom (T.C.) Coronite in July of this year to first explore the idea. The idea gained momentum with the full support of the church’s trustees, and in a truly congregational spirit, a unanimous vote from the parish. The First Church in Weymouth will open its doors to Weymouth Food Pantry customers for the first time on Tuesday, November 6th at 10:00am, and every Tuesday thereafter. "Our church is so excited to partner with the Weymouth Food Pantry. The history of our church has intertwined with the history of this town for almost 400 years, and we are thrilled to add another layer to our bonds of community, fellowship, and faith," said Rev. T.C. about the partnership.

With the holidays closing in, and the winter season not far away, this extension of service is timely. Weymouth Food Pantry is gearing up to serve more families this Thanksgiving and Holiday season than last year, and with higher than average summer numbers they are expecting a busy winter as the cost of heating adds an extra layer of financial pressure to many families struggling to make ends meet.

The new location is in addition to the original Pop-Up Pantry at the Hackett Center at Church of Immaculate Conception in East Weymouth, Old South Union Church offered to be a host the pantries on Saturday mornings. This not only helped the pantry reach residents in South Weymouth, but it is also a weekend option for those who work during the week.

“Our mission is to end hunger in Weymouth,” says Denholm, “and we are extremely thankful for the gracious hospitality of our hosts, who are also key partners in this undertaking. Together, we can ensure every Weymouth resident can have this basic need met, and the Town of Weymouth can be a place where we all can thrive.”

Pam Denholm with Rev. TC Coronite on the front steps of First Church in Weymouth

Pam Denholm with Rev. TC Coronite on the front steps of First Church in Weymouth

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