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Weymouth Food Pantry Appoints New Executive Director

Weymouth, MA – As the Weymouth Food Pantry ramps up for their summer programs and prepares for the Fresh Bite 5k run at Wompatuck State Park in June, the timing could not be more perfect to welcome newly appointed Executive Director, Pam Denholm.

Denholm spent eight years nurturing a community around food and brings previous non-profit and fundraising experience as well. She is the prior owner of South Shore Organics, a farm-to-home fresh produce delivery service bringing locally grown food from Massachusetts farmers to South Shore residents. Improving access to fresh, locally grown nutritious food was one of Denholm’s primary goals at South Shore Organics.

Pam Denholm replaces Cas Casados, who left the food pantry last year in October to move to the west coast. “Pam joins the pantry we are well positioned to expand the impact we can have on the City of Weymouth,” says Angela Iaria, who serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors. “Our operations model is completely scalable, and we have the capacity to not only make sure hungry neighbors are fed, but that the food we offer is healthy and nutritious.”

When asked about her priorities, Denholm said, “We are focusing on programs to offer more fresh foods and healthy options to families in need in Weymouth. We would also like to reach more children in the Weymouth School system who experience food insecurity.” The Fresh Bite 5k fun run fundraiser is an important vehicle for the pantry to deliver on their mission to offer more fresh food. Other summer projects include a ‘Farm to Family’ initiative in collaboration with the Weymouth Farmers Market, and ‘Plant. Grow. Share.’—a program that mobilizes backyard gardeners to grow more food locally to eat, or share, depending on their needs.

“I’ve lived in countries where food insecurity is a reality for a majority of the population, but these communities still thrive.  What makes the difference is people, and the concern they show for each other. The Weymouth Food Pantry is innovative and creative in how it engages the community it serves and is well supported by its neighbors.   I’m very excited to be joining this team! Our goal is to make Weymouth just such a thriving community,” says Denholm.

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. –Karen Salmansohn

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