FArm to Family Program

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The Our Farm to Family Program is an initiative aimed at making locally-farmed fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to every family, regardless of whatever financial challenges they may be facing.

How it Works

When someone enrolled in the program goes to the Weymouth Farmer's Market, they can get their dollars matched up to $20 per market day using their EBT or debit card. If, for example, someone who is registered with the Food Pantry would like to spend $15 at the Market using their ATM card, we will give them $30 in wooden tokens to use at the market. There is no stigma associated with the tokens as they are the currency of the market for anyone using a card for payment-- not only members of the Food Pantry.

Sign up for this program at any pop-up pantry in town. 

Our Sponsor

This program is made possible through a generous grant by the Joy in Childhood Foundation. Thank you for supporting our community!

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